Dan the DIY Man does SFT (single flavor test) with Nicotine Rivers very own concentrates

Dan the Man does DIY and I do an SFT (single flavor test) on Nicotine Rivers concentrates. Bliss, Blue Raspberry Taffy, Blue Raspberry. They were all pretty good. For more information, you will probably watch and listen.

One thing I did not mention in the video is the fact that Nicotine River uses glycerol in some of their concentrates. Y’all might want to do some research. In the meantime I will give a little info about glycerol; Regarding the glycerol, it is ultimately the same as glycerin. The glycerol in the flavors helps provide thick vapor production while counteracting the PG content of the flavor. Another interesting side attribute of using the glycerol is that counteracting the PG in some cases can make the flavor easier to vape for people with high PG intake reactions. Also, the glycerol counteracts if the flavor contains higher traces of alcohol so that it can remain viscous, easy to work with, and of course smoother to vape!



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