Dr. Alison Breland: E-cigarettes/Vaping: Top Ten Things You Need To Know

Alison Breland, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
Assistant Research Professor, Department of Psychology

Dr. Breland is an Assistant Research Professor in VCU’s Department of Psychology. She is an experimental psychologist, and her research is primarily focused on nicotine/tobacco, including the evaluation of novel products (such as electronic cigarettes), and tobacco use among vulnerable populations, such as adolescents, individuals with behavioral health disorders, and pregnant women. She is currently the Co-Director, along with Dr. Thomas Eissenberg, of the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products, as well as Project Director for Project 2: “Using User Behavior Data Collected in the Clinical Lab to Test Hypotheses about Advanced-Generation ECIGs and Generate Population-Level Predictions Regarding Potential Regulatory Action (National Institute on Drug Abuse [NIDA]/Food and Drug Administration funding); a Co-Principal Investigator on National Institutes of Justice grant (with Dr. Michelle Peace) to study the impact of ethanol in e-cigarettes on the evaluation of impairment; a Co-Investigator on a NIDA grant (PI: Dr. Kristin Ashford at the University of Kentucky) to study the impact of electronic cigarettes on perinatal immune responsiveness and birth outcomes; and Co-Director (with Dr. Randy Koch) of the Virginia Youth Tobacco Projects (with funding from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth) to build a statewide program of research on the causes and prevention of youth tobacco use.

This talk will cover e-cigarette/vape use prevalence, types of products, health effects (short and long-term), nicotine delivery, toxicant delivery, and whether or not they help people quit smoking