NxN #7: Aji Amarillo, other tropical chilis, & passionfruit ceviche

Natty by Nature #7 on Aji Amarillo, other chilis, and how to make delicious passionfruit/lilikoi ceviche

covers the 5 cultivated species of chilis:
Capsicum annuum – bell pepper, jalapeño, poblano, guajillo, anaheim, and other Mexican chilis
Capsicum baccatum – aji amarillo, aji limon, cambuçi/bishop’s cap, and other Peruvian, Bolivian, & Brazilian chilis
Capsicum chinense – habaneros, scotch bonnets, ghost pepper/bhut jolokia, carolina reaper, trinidad scorpion and other super hots
Capsicum frutescens – Hawaiian/ni’oi, tabasco, bird’s eye, Thai “sky pointing” chilis
Capsicum pubescens – rocoto & manzano chilis with black seeds

Maricel Presilla’s excellent book Peppers of the Americas

Liliko’i Ceviche recipe
1/2 lb of any fish, preferably firm white flesh, 1/2″ cubes
1-3 tbs of chilis, to taste, minced
1/2 cup of passionfruit and/or lime juice, or ~4 whole passionfruit scooped out
1 tbs of garlic or garlic chives, minced
1/2 cup roasted nuts, preferably peanuts or cashews
1/2 lb sweet potato (~1 medium sweet potato), roasted & cubed
2 tbs cilantro or culantro, minced
1/2 tsp salt

1. wash all the ingredients.
2. roast sweet potato at 350º F for ~10 min or till soft.
3. While potato is roasting, chop fish in 1/2” pieces and place in passionfruit/lime juice in a bowl that will immerse all the fish in the juice.
4. Chop the rest of the ingredients and add to top of bowl as fish is “cooking” in acid.
5. Once potato is done roasting, chop it in 1/2” pieces and add to bowl.
6. Once fish is “cooked” adequately after 10-15 minutes and has a white flaky exterior, mix up the bowl and serve.

Vegetarian/vegan modifications: you can replace the fish with tofu, tempeh, or any veggie alternative, or just leave the fish out and use the tuber like sweet potato, potato, cassava, or sunchokes as the heart of the fish, though these need to be roasted as they won’t cook thoroughly in the acid.

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