Trying Two Vape Juices At One | NEW Pod Juice Taste Test

Vape juice brands each have their own “taste” when producing their e-liquids. Some companies pride themselves on creating delectable, sugary-sweet concoctions and other manufacturers err on the mild side. Vape users too naturally have their own preference for flavors like sweetness or menthol intensity. If you’ve tried and tried to find the perfect flavor balance and have been striking out, try creating it yourself.

Pod Juice has developed a collection of vape juices that can actually be mixed to adjust flavor levels and even invent flavors of your own! You read that right: these e-liquids are perfect for experimenting to design your own perfect juice blend.

If making your own vape juice flavors sounds exciting, but you don’t know where to begin, hopefully these vape juice “recipes” will serve as some inspiration!
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Strawberry Watermelon: Fresh and juicy strawberries blended with a burst of watermelon flavor.
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Lemon Brulee: The ultimate dessert vape juice for citrus-lovers! A lusciously soft custard flavor layered with creamy lemon zest.
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