What Are Tonka Beans? Everything You Need To Know About Tonka Beans W/A Nose Knows

Tonka Beans Everything You Need To Know About Tonka Beans | Stay tuned for my Top 20 Tonka Beans Fragrances video tomorrow.
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Tonka Beans Everything You Need To Know About Tonka Beans | Stay tuned for my Top 20 Tonka Beans Fragrances video tomorrow.

The questions that are asked and answered in this video about Tonka Beans are:

-The origins of Tonka Beans?
-Where do Tonka Beans grow?
-Are they an expensive ingredient?
-Are Tonka Beans, beans or legumes, or dried fruits?
-Are there any famous recipes with Tonka Beans that we might know about?
-What do Tonka Beans taste like? Are they edible?
-What do Tonka Beans smell like?
-When did Tonka beans first start being used in Perfumes?
-What’s the difference between Tonka Beans and Coumarin? Do they smell different?
-Is there a cost associated with extracting Coumarin from Tonka Beans?
-What are the most popular Tonka Bean perfumes? Are they trendy to use? Stay tuned form my Top 20 Tonka Beans Fragrances video tomorrow.

-Min29:00- the resulting product is a solution and not an absolute.
-Min31:15- the dilution at which coumarin becomes vanilic is generally under 10% (in some combinations, the threshold is as high as 20%), after which it becomes woodsy-bitter-hayish.
-Min37:00- we’re speaking, of course, of naturalistic perfumery and not re-created (compound) accords.

About my guest:
dana is a high-tech consultant here in Silicon Valley and in her spare time she researches, consults, and writes about perfume.
You can find her on Instagram at or, if you speak Romanian, at nasdenas.com and She recently became a permanent contributor at CaFleurBon, where her artistic reviews go live every other Sunday.

Also, we discuss the most fabulous vintage version of Dior Addict. Which is all about Tonka and Vanilla. This fragrance created by Thierry Wasser is amazing in it’s original formula and to me doesn’t smell like what it is today. I kept spraying it throughout the video behind the scenes of course and I want a bottle of Dior Addict in it’s original formula. No wonder Thierry Wasser got the in house perfumer gig at Guerlain!

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